Post your favorite moments, places, and things. Want to remember  a great bottle of wine?  –  Shottle it! 
Want to show your city off? Shottle it! Your pet? Your own restaurant? – Shottle it all! Tell your own shottle 
stories to the world... 
Use your own artistic visions and play with fun filters to show the world your unique eye. Search the map to follow and chat with fellow shottlers. Discover different cities and cultures you've always wanted to explore, or just browse the timeline to see what everyone is up to. 

Shottle is the amazing new app allowing you to capture your life in moments worth remembering and sharing. 
Want to show your city off? Shottle it! Your car? 
Your own restaurant? Your favorite Band?

Shottle it all!
stefano shottled in NYC
voyager shottled in Praha
stefano shottled in NYC
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